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  • Save hundreds of hours on expense reports

    with the first management controlled employee expense card


The average organization wastes 1200 man hours per year on expense reports. Expenser provides organizations  credit cards that can be used anywhere a Visa card can, and are completely controlled by management. You determine where the card can be used, how much can be spent where, and sync with your accounting software to automatically update your expense reporting. Customize your cards anyway you'd like, and say goodbye to man hours wasted on expense reports.

For the price of a cup of coffee per month......
Eliminate expense reports
Receive PDF & graphical breakdowns of each card, and your companies spending at the end of each week, month, or quarter
Automated accounting
Integrate with Quickbooks, and other software to automatically update your expense spending
Control spending
Set limits on overall spending on your cards, and even via category, (ie: $100.00 limit for food monthly)
Set alerts, and monitor
Receive instant alerts if staff make an unusual purchase
Easily update card settings
Easily update card spending limits, approved spending categories, and more from your dashboard
Keep the points
All purchase rewards for expenses on an Expenser card are attributed to the company (woo! free vacations!)

An average company will waste over 1200 man hours on expense reports per year

That's the equivalent of a full time staff member, working 32 weeks out of the year.

Automated Expense Reporting

View employee/company spending graphically, and integrate with your accounting software so all expenses are automatically updated.
A financial no brainer
For the price of a cup of coffee per month, you can automate your entire expense report process, save hundreds on man hours, and give your employees a sense of autonomy they crave. Want a no pressure demo?
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